Vodka Mariette

Vodka Mariette is distilled 5x using only French, GMO-free whole wheat and the purest water from the Ambes Spring. The water is deionized by Eocene Era, volcanic rock along the spring bottom. It is these pure ingredients that provide a vodka both smooth and absolutely delicious.
Available in three rich, natural flavors: Raspberry and Pomegranate, Orange and Pineapple and Vanilla and Coconut.
40% ALC/VOL (80 proof)


Vanilla & Coconut

Imbued with all natural ingredients, our Vanilla & Coconut Vodka Mariette is velvety and delicious. Upon presentation, one can sense the strong, smooth vanilla nose. The initial tasting notes of meaty coconut are followed by a long creamy vanilla finish.


Raspberry & Pomegranate

The Raspberry & Pomegranate flavor of Vodka Mariette is produced by infusing all-natural fruit. It provides a potent, smooth raspberry nose with a hint of pomegranate. Fresh juicy seedy raspberry hits the palate first with a lasting juicy pomegranate finish. Very smooth, very flavorful.


Orange & Pineapple

The Orange & Pineapple flavor of Vodka Mariette first presents a smooth, flavorsome orange nose with a hint of pineapple. Imbibers can taste an equal blending of fresh ripe pineapple and juicy orange notes with a long orange finish. It is 100% natural, and delectably smooth.



In the heart of France, Vodka Mariette is distilled 5x with French GMO-free whole wheat and water from the Ambes Spring in Bordeaux. It is these pure ingredients and mindful production that provide a vodka of the highest quality. This treasure begins with a neutral, soft nose and finished with a sweet, lasting taste.

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