Portal Alto

Portal Del Alto_Reserva Del Autor Syrah_Cabernet Sauvignon


Deep and intense red colour. An intense wine of great aromatic complexity, with predominance of black fruits and candied aromas. Its aromatic richness and consistent structure, with ripe and intensetannins. Match with red meats, sausages, lamb or spiced dishes. Serve at 18°C.

Portal Del Alto_Reserva Del Autor Carmenere


Cherry red, with lively violet strands. A wine of intense aromas, dominated by black fruits like blackberry and black cherries that blend into toasted coffee and tobacco notes derived from the barrel
ageing. A luscious wine of great body, lingering aromas, layered by sweet and round tannins. Match with all red meats, lamb and spiced recipes. Serve at 17°C.

Portal Del Alto_Reserva Del Autor Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon

Intense red ruby color with complex aromas that remind red fruits and plums. Harmonious,
with good fruit structure and round tannins, delivers a long aromatic persistence. Match with spiced recipes, red meats, or ripe cheese. Serve at 17°C.

Portal Del Alto_Reserva Del Autor Four Reds

Four Reds

Intense red ruby color. A very attractive wine of young character dictated by its fresh fruit aromas and spicy notes, where the characteristics of each variety have harmonized to provide complexity. Match with pastas, red stews, or grilled steaks. Serve between 17-18°C.

Portal Del Alto_Reserva Del Autor Merlot


Red ruby color with violet tones. Aromas of floral expressions and strong scents of red fruits.
The wine has a good body with soft and balanced tannins. Match with pastas, red sauces, white and red meats, or even fish and seafood with spiced rich sauces. Serve between 16-17°C.

Portal Del Alto_Reserva Del Autor Chardonnay


Yellow, green color with straw reflections. Intense fruity aroma evoking citric fruits, grapefruit, and ripe pineapples, along with subtle toasty and vanilla notes. Match with pastas, white sauces, white
meats, and seafood. Serve between 10-11°C.

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